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Engagement photo session in Shelby Township: Jillian and Klajd

So far, most of the people who have hired me to be their wedding photographer have done so from word of mouth. Klajd liked the engagement and wedding photography services I provided for his cousin and hired me to take his wedding photos, too. Whenever I’m hired as a wedding photographer I insist on doing an engagement session (a.k.a. e-session) so I can get to know the couple a little better and break the ice. I’ve known Klajd from before but I hadn’t met Jillian. This e-session in Shelby Twp went very well. The groom-to-be is a funny guy and it shows in some of the photos. This couple chose Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Twp for their engagement photos. I wasn’t familiar with this park but we were able to find some nice hidden places to take their photos. They surprised me when they wore matching Tom Brady shirts. I guess as the old saying goes “Couples who watch Tom Brady play football together, stay together”. :) It looks like the couple was happy with the end result – the bride-to-be even printed out an album to give it as a gift to her grandmother. What more can a photographer ask for?

Here are some of the photos I took that nice Summer afternoon:


Vjola and Ardit engagement photos in Bloomfield Hills

I recently had the pleasure of taking e-session photos of Vjola and Ardit. They live in Troy but we shot their engagement photos in Bloomfield Hills. The weather that day was a typical Michigan November cold but we were glad it was sunny.  I was lucky because some of the posing ideas came from the bride-to-be. They haven’t known each-other for too long, but you could feel the love they share. And, of course, the beautiful Michigan fall foliage at Cranbrook Gardens made this engagement session even more romantic. Vjola was a bit shy – actually now that I think about it, they both were – but in the end ended up being carried away by her soon to be husband.


Matilda and Mikael Engagement Photography in Bloomfield Hills

Matilda and Mike are friends of mine that I’ve known for several years and this made the session much easier as there was no need for any ice-breaking. They are getting married next year in Albania since they have more family there but wanted to have their engagement photography session here in Michigan. It was a beautiful fall day and we selected to take their engagement photos in Bloomfield Hills at Cranbrook Park.I was lucky, again, as this couple are both good looking so that makes my photos look even better :)  Mikael and Maltida both went to Wayne State University and that’s where they met years ago. I could’ve spent hours taking photos during this e-session in Bloomfield Hills but the sun set quickly and we had to leave the park.

Here’s a sneak peak from their engagement pictures:


Becky and Lirjon engagement session in mid-town Detroit and Belle Isle

I had a great time taking engagement photos of Becky and Lirjon – not only because they’re such a good-looking couple but because I connected with them very quickly and they made my job much easier. This couple met in mid-town Detroit (the Woodbridge neighborhood) so, naturally, they wanted to take some photos there, as well as other places around Detroit and Wayne State University where they both studied.  Christian faith plays a big role in their life so I tried to show that through some of the photos I took. Lirjon is very passionate about soccer (although him and I are not fans of the same team:) ) and Becky supports it. We also went to Belle Isle in Detroit where we were able to take some great sunset and silhouette photos for their engagement session. At first Lirjon was a bit shy about kissing his bride-to-be in front of me but soon his love for her took over.