High school senior photographer in Rochester: Enrique and Alessandro

Enrique and Alessandro are two nice brothers and I had the pleasure of being their high school senior photographer in Rochester Hills, MI. These boys were quite different from each-other. Alessandro, the older one, was very quiet and reserved, while Enrique was the opposite. Since they live in Rochester Hills, we took some of their senior pictures in their backyard as well as downtown Rochester, MI. I had a good time during this photo shoot. Which reminds me I need to advertise some more to make people aware I do take high school senior pictures. Here are some of the senior photos I took that day:


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  1. Marie at #

    Good blogging!

  2. Good job

  3. Genki at #

    really like these. I eesaciplly like composition of the one from under the chandelier and the sideligh in the last one in black and white. Was that window lit, or studio lighting? I love the bride’s expression on the one of her leaning against the stone wall Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello!
    Nice photos of these two high school senior brothers!

  5. Anne at #

    It looks like the perfect time for these high school senior photos.

  6. Which one of these high school seniors is Enrique?

  7. Josue at #

    Where were these high school senior photos taken, in Rochester or Rochester Hills?

  8. Gary at #

    Nice! You did a good job taking photos of these two brothers.

  9. are these high school boys latino?

  10. Coolio! Nice photos

  11. Aron at #

    Good job.

  12. Elvis at #

    Good eye sir

  13. Hola! Good looking brothers :)

  14. gwen at #

    nice photoshoot of these two high school seniors

  15. Nice photography work

  16. Babs at #

    Good shots.

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