Engagement photo session in Shelby Township: Jillian and Klajd

So far, most of the people who have hired me to be their wedding photographer have done so from word of mouth. Klajd liked the engagement and wedding photography services I provided for his cousin and hired me to take his wedding photos, too. Whenever I’m hired as a wedding photographer I insist on doing an engagement session (a.k.a. e-session) so I can get to know the couple a little better and break the ice. I’ve known Klajd from before but I hadn’t met Jillian. This e-session in Shelby Twp went very well. The groom-to-be is a funny guy and it shows in some of the photos. This couple chose Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Twp for their engagement photos. I wasn’t familiar with this park but we were able to find some nice hidden places to take their photos. They surprised me when they wore matching Tom Brady shirts. I guess as the old saying goes “Couples who watch Tom Brady play football together, stay together”. :) It looks like the couple was happy with the end result – the bride-to-be even printed out an album to give it as a gift to her grandmother. What more can a photographer ask for?

Here are some of the photos I took that nice Summer afternoon:


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  1. Rock it, is right! this is one of my favorite sneak peeks as of late. Love em. Favorite two, if I had to pick, would be opeenr shot & bw with Jessica looking down. Adorable!

  2. This is a great blog you have here

  3. Sean at #

    great way yo put that together cheers !

  4. I enjoyed look at these photos you took for the engagement photoshoot. I like the posing and it looks like Metro Detroit has some nice parks for couples to take engagement photos :)

  5. Nice engagement photos. You seem to have a good eye to capture romance.

  6. Awesome, they’re both Pats fans! This guy is lucky to marry a woman who likes football!

  7. Man, nice photos and nice couple.

  8. Chris at #

    These engagement photos turned out really nice!

    Take care – Chris

  9. Ha! It looks like this couple is fun! Except that they’re Pats fans :(

  10. Stan at #

    Lovely engagement photos. I hope the couple liked them, I mean, I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

  11. Boe at #

    Very nice very nice stuff you have on ur blog your above excellence

  12. Sweet engaged couple and photos.

  13. Sara at #

    I love these photos! I’m interested in you taking our engagement photos as well but I’ll give you a call with details.

  14. Good combo of photos

  15. I’ll have to go to this park when the weather gets better cause it looks like it has nice places to take photos.

  16. Nice engagement photography

  17. I was looking online for some inspiration for engagement photos and I found this site. I like your photo style for couples. Keep up the good work.

  18. Looking forward to seeing more engagement photoshoot samples

  19. Excellent Blog !!!!

  20. Nice photos of this couple. You must have a good camera :)) just kidding.

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